Ten Different Ways Someone Can Become a Vampire

Have you ever wanted to become a Vampire? Now you can with one of ten different ways. Bookmark this page to use our guide as a reference, when making your way to this new you.

Vampire lore is rich and varied, often reflecting the mythology and superstitions of different cultures. Here are ten different ways someone might become a vampire according to various myths and stories:

  1. Being Bitten: The most common belief is that being bitten by a vampire will eventually turn the victim into one, especially if the vampire drains much of the victim’s blood.
  2. Cursed by a Witch or Sorcerer: In some legends, a person can become a vampire through a curse placed upon them by a witch or sorcerer, often as punishment or revenge.
  3. A Pact with Supernatural Forces: Making a deal with demons or other supernatural entities can lead to vampirism, especially if the pact involves seeking immortality or supernatural powers.
  4. Improper Burial Rites: In Slavic and some Eastern European folklore, if a corpse is buried without the proper rituals or if certain burial rites are not observed, the deceased might return from the grave as a vampire.
  5. Being a Werewolf: In some European cultures, it is believed that if a werewolf dies, they can return as a vampire, linking the two mythological creatures.
  6. Untimely or Violent Death: Similar to improper burial, those who die suddenly due to violence or accident might become vampires, roaming the earth because their lives were cut short unexpectedly.
  7. Inheritance: In some tales, vampirism can run in the family. If one’s parent is a vampire, there is a chance they could inherit the condition.
  8. Unfulfilled Passions or Revenge: Those who die with intense passions or a desire for revenge that remains unfulfilled may return as vampires to exact their vengeance or fulfill their desires.
  9. Excommunication or Lack of Last Rites: Particularly in early Christian interpretations, those who were excommunicated from the church or who died without receiving the Last Rites could be doomed to walk the earth as vampires.

Each of these methods reflects the diverse and imaginative ways that different cultures understand and conceptualize vampires in their folklore and mythological narratives. Utilize the best method for your transformation, and let us know how it went in the comments below!






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